Web Sites

Elmira & District Curling Club
Elmira & District Curling ClubThis Web site features an icon for bookmarks and for tabbed Web browsers, a JavaScript-driven vertical navigation bar, an interactive client-side events calendar written in JavaScript, league information presented in your choice of list or grid format, a photo gallery, distinct style sheets for screen display and for printing, and database-driven online auction.
Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters' Guild
Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters' GuildThis Web site was created with accessibility as a priority. Its design is liquid and scalable to allow for a wide range of visitor screen resolutions and font size preferences and to facilitate screen readers for the visually impaired. A JavaScript-driven events calendar and picture galleries with icon- and slideshow-oriented navigation make the site enjoyably interactive. Tabbed navigation within some areas of the site provides added structure with an intuitive look and feel.
Worldwide Chairs
Worlwide ChairsThe Worldwide Chairs Web site has been retired, but you can see a copy of it here. It highlights clean, simple, easy-to-navigate style and straight-forward presentation. Clarity and intuitiveness are the hallmarks. Thumbnail images present an assortment of thumbnail product views that you can click to pop up larger images.

Desktop & Add-on Products

JavaScript Quiz
A JavaScript program that lets you create multiple-choice quizzes to place on your Web site. See an on-line example or download a fully-functional demo version and try making your own quizzes. The demo version is limited to three questions. $45.00 (Canadian) will get you a pass key that lets your quizzes have an unlimited number of questions.