Picture of a whiskey-jack

Whiskey Jack Software creates custom Web sites for the World Wide Web, components for Web designers, and custom desktop, client-server, multitiered, and Web-based software for the Microsoft Windows .NET platform.

My Web designs utilize state-of-the-art Web graphics software and support the latest standards in hypertext mark-up language and cascading style sheets. My client-side script is written in secure, browser-neutral JavaScript and my server-side programming employs fast, efficient, fully-compiled ASP.NET and ADO.NET technologies with Access or MS SQL Server databases, according to the size of your database and your anticipated volume of activity. E-commerce solutions, including electronic shopping carts and credit card transaction handling are also available.

Digital image scanning, image enhancement, and digital photographic services are available and I would be happy to arrange for your Web hosting and domain name registration too.

Please take a look at my product showcase and visit my contact page and drop me a line.