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I'm Jeff Guild and Whiskey Jack Software is my Web design and Windows software development business face.

I am a software engineer and have been working in the software industry since 1990. My interest in the World Wide Web goes back nearly as far as the Web itself. I wrote my first Web pages in the early '90s on a Unix minicomputer, using the vi text editor, and browsed it with the text-only Lynx browser on a dumb terminal over a Telnet connection. I now use state-of-the-art graphics tools and the very latest design standards and methods to craft attractive but practical Web creations. I also write desktop and multi-tiered applications for the Windows .NET server platform and perform data migration and data conversion services.

I have two Bachelor's degrees, a Master's degree in Information Science, and a college certificate in the development of Web applications for the Microsoft .NET server platform. Please take a look at my services in detail, and my Web design philosophy.